random: orgasms

I hate 90% of porn because it’s fake.  Watching penetration and close ups of movement doesn’t do it for me.

The hottest thing?  Watching a woman’s face and eyes when she  cums.  Listening to the sound of her private moment.  The connection and release.  THAT is fucking hot.  I love that moment during sex not only for the release, but to watch and listen to her.  Amazing.

Two sites prove this point for me…

1.  I found an erotica blogger who received audio from another blogger of her orgasms.  This is unbelievably hot.  Sure, it’s like phone sex but for me this seems to be at a different level.  I’d almost rather a woman send me an audio clip of her orgasm rather than send me a video.  I’m an audio guy.  Let me paint a picture in my mind of the sound.

2.  Beautiful Agony.  The best erotic website on the planet.  Real people having real orgasms… except all you see is their face.  No action.  No dirty stuff.  Just the real, human connection of an orgasm.  Women AND men.  Not fake like a porn star.  Real humans.  Being let into their private world for a moment.

I don’t want a video or a picture.  I want to listen to her cum.  Record it and send it.  THAT is hot.

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